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Welcome to the website of Nuit Boréale, the third largest event of the Fête de la Musique in Paris.
Come listen to Canada’s brightest new Francophone and Anglophone musical talent live on the Esplanade des Invalides on June 21st !

2016-05-10 // Press release


half moon runHALF MOON RUN

Honesty is the foundation of all their interpersonal relations. It is the absolute light which dissipates  the veil of darkness behind which they hide. For Half moon run, every stride they took was decisively soaked. They never worked thinking they would become successful and start touring. [READ MORE]

BUSTY AND THE BASSBusty and the Bass

Busty and the Bass is an irresistible electro-soul collective that draws on the talent of nine young musicians. Sharing a passion for good times and great music, the group formed during their first week at McGill University, playing around Montreal house parties and building up to some major venues across the Northeast. [READ MORE]


From their surprising performance at the East Coast Music Awards show in Charlottetown, to an outside show under the midnight sun in the Northwest Territories, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire have a gathered fans all over Canada and in Europe with 3 tours in the old countries. [READ MORE]


September 2015, Philémon Cimon, singer-songwriter  from Montréal, presented his third album Les femmes comme des montagnes recorded in Havana with a phenomenal band of Montrealers, joined by wild Cubans on the last humid night, foiling the throbbing tracks to copper perfection. [READ MORE]


Multi-instrument singer -songwriter and troubadour Wesli was born in Haiti and has been living in Montréal since 2001. Wesli was described as «the most amazing world creature Montréal has to offer to the world » by La Presse. His powerful lyrics focus on the never-ending poverty in emerging countries. [READ MORE] 

princess centuryPRINCESS CENTURY

Maya Postepski never stops. An active member of the Toronto music scene, she has been making music for over 10 years, currently as part of electronic group Austra (Domino). She is a prolific remix artist, DJ and she co-wrote and produced TRST with Robert Alfons as Trust (Arts & Crafts). Progress is her latest album, to be released under her solo moniker Princess Century! [READ MORE]


Catherine Pogonat is a radio and television host from Quebec whose shows, such as “Bande à part”, “Ste-Catherine” and “Mange ta ville”, have introduced her audience to many artists over the last fifteen years.

Catherine Pogonat currently hosts the show Pogopop on Ici musique.  She also covers the cultural scene for Ici Radio-Canada Première, makes documentaries, and writes for the magazine Clin d’oeil.  She can also be found on stage at the helm of cultural events, from galas to big musical performances!

In 2009, she won a Juno Award for hosting her show “Mange ta ville”, which covers Montreal’s original artists and unusual places.

OLIVIER DUFOURolivier dufour

Stage and Artistic Director, Nuit Boréale. CEO, Senior Designer at Dufour Maison de création.

Above all, Olivier Dufour appeals to the emotions. Weaving evocative tales, his creations bridge the gap to the imagination and convey spectators to surprising, singular, and often striking destinations. [READ MORE]