Welcome to the website of Nuit Boréale, the third largest event of the Fête de la Musique in Paris.
Come hear Canada’s brightest new Francophone and Anglophone musical talent live on the Esplanade des Invalides on June 21st !

2015-05-12 // Press release
2015-06-11 // Press release



Until 2007, Alexandre Poulin’s life alternated between teaching, travel and musical projects. He then released an eponymous debut album that was hailed by the critics. A second album, Une lumière allumée, followed in 2010; it rooted Poulin in folk and allowed him to develop his style both musically and lyrically. His lyrics are often little stories without choruses. [READ MORE]


“I’ve read that the gestation period of an African elephant is roughly 645 days. That’s approximately what it took to make La Boca”. – Alejandra Ribera

Following the success of Ribera’s self-produced Navigator, Navigather in 2009 and after being discovered by CBC Radio during her residency at Toronto’s legendary Cameron House, Ribera began performing at folk, jazz and world music festivals across the country (Festival International de Jazz de Montreal and Luminato Festival). [READ MORE]



The Hay Babies are an indie-folk-country band made up of three girls, all with colourful personalities, and all hailing from New Brunswick. Katrine, Vivianne, and Julie intertwine their inflections to create a flamboyant atmosphere, cooking up their own unique folk recipe. [READ MORE]


Halifax, Nova Scotia is a coastal city – a Canadian indie music hub since the 1990’s, nestled among ragged shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean. From this home base, In-Flight Safety has been crafting thoughtful, melodic indie rock that’s made its way across North America and Europe. [READ MORE]


Louis-Jean Cormier grew up in a family whose rhythms were determined by music. He was immersed in it from childhood.

At the age of seventeen, he left Côte-Nord for Montreal. He became friends with four musicians who like him were fans of progressive rock, jazz and other freeform music. Karkwa saw the light of day. [READ MORE] 


Nuit Boréale 2014 closed with a memorable set by the multitalented Skratch Bastid.  He left the stage leaving the crowd hungry for more. And so one of Canada’s most sought-after DJs will be back on the Esplanade des Invalides to rock Nuit Boréale once again! [READ MORE]


Catherine Pogonat is a radio and television host from Quebec whose shows, such as “Bande à part”, “Ste-Catherine” and “Mange ta ville”, have introduced her audience to many artists over the last fifteen years.

Catherine Pogonat currently hosts the show Pogopop on Ici musique.  She also covers the cultural scene for Ici Radio-Canada Première, makes documentaries, and writes for the magazine Clin d’oeil.  She can also be found on stage at the helm of cultural events, from galas to big musical performances!

In 2009, she won a Juno Award for hosting her show “Mange ta ville”, which covers Montreal’s original artists and unusual places.