Half Moon Run

half moon run

Honesty is the foundation of all their interpersonal relations. It is the absolute light which dissipates the veil of darkness behind which they hide. For Half Moon Run, every stride they took was decisively soaked. They never worked thinking they would become successful and start touring. Nevertheless, from their creation in Montreal in 2009, the multi-instrumentists, Devons Portielje, Conner Molander and Dylan Philipps, native of British Columbia and Ontario, dropped all of their plans B. It was simply out of the question to let go of such a rare chemistry. Being only allowed steer by their instinct and faith, they succeeded in creating an accomplished first album, Dark Eyes. Their second album, Sun Leads Me On, reflects a process of awarness in this quest towards beauty and honesty. For the three founding members as well as for multi-instrumentalist Isaac Symonds who joined the group at the beginning of the tour Dark Eyes- the sequel materialized after months of artistic frustation.

Sun Leads Me On separates itself from the folk-alternative melancholy of Dark Eyes for the benfit of a journey leading to self-discovery. Dark Eyes asserted itself as a highly poetic alt-folk album, sometimes as dark as Harvest from Neil Young and sometimes as cheerful as Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. By contrast, Sun Leads Me On is whimsical, strange, more personal but conversely more relatable. It’s a pop album, but one that is fed by the esoteric musical literacy of its creators. On Sun Leads Me On they’ve found what they’re looking for: liberation of ideas as they delve deeper into music as a source of lucidity.

Half Moon Run don’t feel pressured by anyone else’s standards of them, only their own.

Consider Yourself

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