Olivier Dufour

olivier dufour

Stage and Artistic Director, Nuit Boréale. CEO, Senior Designer at Dufour Maison de création.

Above all, Olivier Dufour appeals to the emotions. Weaving evocative tales, his creations bridge the gap to the imagination and convey spectators to surprising, singular, and often striking destinations. With bold scenography and refined aesthetics, his shows combine the best of the performing arts with advanced technologies to bring emotion into our lives. A bottomless wellspring of original ideas of the spark that ignites our wildest dreams, Olivier Dufour moves freely among many different art forms, drawing his inspiration from architecture, photography, dance, theatre, circus, and classical or electronic music. Working closely with talented creators from all these disciplines, he pushes his audacious concepts to their limits.

Dufour is a creator and producer of multiplatform entertainment content. Known across Canada and around the world for its blockbuster events and immersive experiences melding art and technology, the 16-year-old company has also branched out into the development of new intellectual properties, including television programming, ambiance design, and the creation of touring shows.

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More information: www.dufour.tv