Multi-instrument singer -songwriter and troubadour Wesli was born in Haiti and has been living in Montréal since 2001. Wesli was described as «the most amazing world creature Montréal has to offer to the world » by La Presse. His powerful lyrics focus on the never-ending poverty in emerging countries. His festive musical universe seduces the crowd, smitten by his groovy sound which blends dancehall music, reggae, afrobeat, rara, konpa, funk, merengue, jazz and with a small dose of Rogodon. Thanks to his four albums, Kouraj (2009), Freedom in the Black (2012), Ayiti Etoile Nouvelle (2015) and Immigrant (2015), this independent artist performs on the greatest stages in Canada and in the world.

Danse Baila Danse (feat Mes Aieux)

Colonisation (feat Tiken Jah Fakoly)


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