August 15, 2022

What did dinosaurs do: Heat blood or mushy eggs?Science InformationJuly 22, 1972

Dinosaurs might have been endothermic or warm-blooded… The mixture of enormous measurement, endothermy, and naked pores and skin might clarify the extinction of the dinosaurs. About 65 million years in the past there was a pointy drop in temperature …. Dinosaurs, missing pores and skin insulation and too huge to burrow underground…could not survive. In the meantime, there was proof that … shells [of their eggs] getting thinner… too fragile to assist a rising embryo.


Some dinosaurs might have been warm-blooded, and a few might have laid soft-shelled eggs.Solar: 07/12/14, p. 6). However neither one nor the opposite trait led to the loss of life of reptiles. Within the late Seventies, geologists prompt that an asteroid impression triggered a mass extinction (01/25/92, p. 56), killing greater than 75 p.c of life on Earth. This principle is now broadly accepted. Scientists even discovered the killer’s calling card: a crater about 180 kilometers large on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Fossils trace that the asteroid possible crash-landed within the spring of 66 million years in the past.SN: 03/26/22, p. eight).

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