The second episode of the animated sequence What if..? launched an intriguing new model of T’Challa as Star-Lord. Quite a few Black Panther variants exist in Marvel Comics and will seem within the MCU in a single kind or one other. One vital Black Panther selection appears to be the selection of T’Challa’s successor in Black Panther: Wakanda Perpetually.

Some variants of the Black Panther are extra highly effective than others, and a few have really extraordinary powers. The strongest variations of the character come from totally different realities within the Marvel multiverse, or are characters who’ve inherited the mantle of Black Panther in the primary Earth-616 continuity, like Shuri as she seems within the MCU.


Up to date by Darby Harn on October 5, 2022: New Black Panther: Wakanda Perpetually Trailer Seems to be to Be Revealed that Shuri had certainly inherited the mantle from her late brother. Whereas the character’s true id stays a thriller for now, Black Panther’s new masks echoes the distinctive ceremonial facial markings Shuri wears in each the 2018 Black Panther film and its sequel. The thriller about who would be the subsequent Black Panther most likely would not finish there. Shuri didn’t fill the function for lengthy, and different Black Panthers from the comics had been ultimately capable of take over the function. These embrace variants from a number of universes and timelines, all of which have an opportunity to seem within the MCU because of The Multiverse Saga.

Black Panther 2099

Okay’Shamba debuted in 2004 as a part of the Marvel Knights imprint, an influential sub-line that principally featured tales with extra mature themes. Okay’Shamba did not eat heart-shaped grass like T’Challa did. In consequence, he lacks the superhuman power, velocity, and agility that Black Panther usually possesses.

Nonetheless, he stays an amazing martial artist and is skilled in the usage of a wide range of superior weapons. He has confirmed his acrobatic talents and supreme human power in opposition to quite a few enemies within the 2099 timeline together with highly effective variant of Physician Doom from the longer term. Whereas the earlier Black Panther, Tandraza, appeared in an earlier Doom 2099 comics, this variant is acknowledged because the ruler of Wakanda and a serious determine within the Marvel multiverse.

Vibranium Man

Some variants of Black Panther are based mostly on different superhero icons. Vibranium’s mother and father launched it into area as an toddler, echoing Superman’s origins, which means the variant didn’t acquire energy from the heart-shaped herb. Nonetheless, he does have a high-tech vibranium alien swimsuit, which makes him look extra like Iron Man.

The armor offers him elevated power and sturdiness, and in addition shoots purple electrified webs. He makes use of this to neutralize threats, mostly King Killmonger’s brokers who’ve destroyed Wakanda of their universe.

Final Black Panther

T’Challa Udaku appeared on Earth-1610, the Final Comics universe by which Miles Morales was born. This model of the Black Panther differs from the others in a single vital approach – he’s a mutant. He possesses a therapeutic issue, superhuman power, velocity, and agility. These traits made him a great candidate for the Weapon X program in his universe.

Like Wolverine, the brutal experiments modified T’Challa’s physique. Scientists implanted retractable claws in his arms, a razor-sharp weapon that solely enhances his prowess as a robust martial artist and fighter.


Spider-T’Challa is taken into account one of many strongest variants of Spider-Man within the huge multiverse. This variant from Earth-19919 combines the powers of King of Wakanda and Wall-Crawler with six arms as an alternative of two. This makes him much more acrobatic and combat-ready, as he proved in Spider Island No. 2 of 2015.

He mixed Spider-Man’s spider-sense and web-shooting potential with Black Panther’s superhuman agility and charm, creating a robust mixture that might seem in stay motion or animation in a single kind or one other.


Azzuri first appeared in Marvel comics in Black Panther No. 1 in 2005. Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather and King of Wakanda throughout World Battle II, shares his superhuman talents. Like T’Challa and virtually all Black Panthers, he derives superhuman power, stamina, and different talents from a heart-shaped plant native to Wakanda.

He additionally possesses divine information, which grants him entry to the information and reminiscences of all of the Black Panthers in a bloodline courting again centuries. As well as, he additionally possesses the ability of necromancy, which provides him management over the useless. This proved helpful when he fought alongside Captain America and Nick Fury to guard his nation from Baron Strucker and the Purple Cranium, who had raided Wakanda in the hunt for vibranium to fund the Nazi warfare effort.

Casper Cole

Casper Cole, an NYPD officer, finds the Black Panther swimsuit on the police station after which wears it whereas conducting his personal investigation of against the law that has affected his metropolis. At first, he has no particular talents, relying totally on a pair of pistols, however he later features powers much like T’Challa after ingesting an artificial model of the heart-shaped root given to him by Erik Killmonger.

Cole used his evening imaginative and prescient to trace down a kidnapped little one. He would later grow to be the White Tiger and infrequently staff up with the Brigade, an all-black staff of superheroes devoted to defending Brooklyn.

coal tiger

When Jack Kirby, one of many best comedian ebook artists, first conceived the Black Panther character earlier than his debut in Implausible 4 No. 52, he named it the Coal Tiger. This title later appeared with T’Chaka II, the son of the Black Panther within the MC2 alternate universe. He bodily transforms from a human right into a super-strong human-panther hybrid.

It additionally has very sharp retractable claws that may minimize by way of virtually any substance. He used his elevated power, stamina, and velocity to assist free his actuality model of the Avengers, A-Subsequent, from the evil Avengers.

Mangaverse Black Panther

The Black Panther from the Marvel mangaverse owes his powers to the Egyptian god Horus, which makes him extraordinarily highly effective. Along with the essential potential to be very quick and powerful, he can even remodel right into a humanoid panther. The Earth-2301 model of the character can even summon spirits to inhabit his physique, gaining all their energy and information.

This highly effective Black Panther variant additionally turns into a Falcon with wings that permit him to fly. His sister on this universe was not Shuri, however T’Channa, who was truly a model of Physician Doom.

Chief Justice

Different Black Panthers exist all through the multiverse. Chief Justice Black Panther seems with the Captain Britain Corps in Excalibur No. 44 of the early Nineteen Nineties. Though he solely seems in a quick cameo in a single panel, like all members of the Captain Britain Corps interdimensional pressure, he shares the forces of the Earth-616 Captain Britain, Brian Braddock.

Along with superhuman power, agility, and stamina, he can retailer interdimensional vitality that permits him to fly and generate highly effective vitality blasts. With the arrival of Captain Carter within the MCU, Chief Justice and the remainder of the Corps will not be far behind.


Ngozi serves because the Black Panther of Earth-TRN650. She combines the powers of the Black Panther and the Venom symbiote, making her extraordinarily robust and resistant to most types of assault. Along with her unbelievable superhuman power and stamina, the symbiote additionally has a novel sized pocket that permits her to hold gadgets exterior of sensible actuality.

Ngozi additionally shows telepathic talents, including to her sizable expertise pool. Like Venom, her distinctive nature makes her resistant to sure superpowers, similar to Spider-Man’s spider-sense.

ghost panther

Ghost panther got here out Countless Wars 2018 comics that mixed totally different characters into one. As with Ngozi, Ghost Panther combines the powers of two unbelievable superheroes. This model of the character combines the powers of Black Panther and Ghost Rider, giving the already superhuman T’Challa supernatural powers.

His Hellfire manipulation and supernatural consciousness immediately rank amongst strongest magical creatures in marvel comics. As an alternative of a motorbike, Ghost Panther rides a flaming black panther that he can journey between dimensions.

Ghost Hammer

One other Infinity Warps Black Panther variant appeared in Secret Warps: Iron Hammer No. 1. This variant elevated power by fusing T’Challa Odinson, who already wielded the would possibly of Asgard, with Ghost Rider. He grew to become the Phantom Hammer, combining mystical energy with god-like energy.

This extraordinarily highly effective Black Panther variant happened after Iron Hammer and Ghost Panther teamed up throughout the occasion, creating increasingly highly effective variations of the heroes.


Shuri grew to become the Black Panther after T’Challa fell right into a coma throughout the “Battle of Future”. Greatest Black Panther Comedian Story Arcs. Not solely did she acquire conventional Black Panther powers, however supernatural powers as nicely. Whereas in Jalia’s religious airplane, Shuri gained the flexibility to show her physique into an impenetrable stone.

She additionally has the flexibility to remodel herself or others into both a flock of birds or a single fowl, making her one of the vital highly effective Black Panther variants within the comics. Shuri demonstrated the total vary of her talents in Battle with Atlantis storyline that depicts her devastating assault on Namor and his Atlantis submarine armies.

star panther

Vibranium Man turns into Star Panther when King Killmonger throws him into the solar. As an alternative of dying, this Black Panther variant emerges with really cosmic energy. His powers are principally left undefined, although he says that “white-hot skies stream by way of his veins”, suggesting an influence much like the Phoenix Power or probably Captain Marvel.

He does present the flexibility to fly in area in addition to exist in area with out safety. He undergoes a metamorphosis due partly to his distinctive protecting armor. He’s additionally assisted by the Ghost Rider variant from his actuality, the All-Rider.

Black Panther (1,000,000 BC)

The chief of the Panther Tribe from the prehistoric period of Earth-616 first appeared in Marvel Legacy No. 31 in 2017. This Black Panther belongs to the Avengers 1000000 B.C. Though he shares comparable talents together with his descendants, Black Panther is notable for being worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

The comics reveal that he’s truly the primary particular person in historical past apart from Odin to ever do that, granting him all of Thor’s powers and skills. Whereas holding the hammer, he appeared just like the god of Asgard, making him arguably essentially the most highly effective variant of the Black Panther within the comics.

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